InAccord succeeded by simply giving us instant visibility and control over our operations, where previously M2M failed to do so. Our people love using it!” A manager at an Office Furniture company, IN
We have spent 5 years and millions of dollars trying to get SAP to work for us. It couldn’t do what InAccord in its simplicity gave us – so we scrapped SAP. We still use InAccord. It provides the visibility and resource planning we need and it is simple and friendly to use. A Manager at a Steel company, KY
Our operators can see in real time when customer orders are revised in their lineup
so they can act without delay. Our sales people have instant visibility of where every
sales-order is and how much capacity is available to sell. It allows us excellent
response to our customers needs in a highly competitive market.


Operations Manger at Cutting Tool company, IN

InAccord is intuitive & naturally easy to use, like the dashboard of a car. Designed to be quick, it requires minimal amount of steps/clicks to get your information or perform any task. It requires no specialized scheduling personnel to control or broker all critical information – it is always readily presented to your managers, supervisors, operators–everyone! Every manager & supervisor can, on their own, reliably monitor and regulate their resources: workloads and lineups. The Cockpit Dashboard Screen Set can be personalized for each user to show only the Info that is critical and relevant to her/him.

RESOLVE the typical and
persistent conflict between –
Sales and Operations !

NO need to buy a new
Server or Data-Base !

NO User-Based Fees !
NO Upgrade Fees !
NO Hidden fees !

Our Partners: GeneXus Consulting (GXC, Inc.)

GeneXus Consulting has a vast experience in software development, IT deployment and project management. With well over 130 consultants and developers, GeneXus Consulting provides the In-Accord Team with excellent capacity and capability to deliver reliable and responsive software support to all our clients during and after implementation.