Our Team

OUR OBJECTIVE: We are committed to transforming the way organizations define & view their performance and overall success from the narrow & static view of Traditional management & financial methods to a wide, dynamic & unobstructed perspective that can allow true agility & real growth in their marketplace. We know that this new perspective will prove critical to the viability any organization in fast paced and unpredictable future business environments.
Shlomo Haviv

Teaching, Instructing and Mentoring are a life long passion.

I’ve realized the power of teaching already at 21 years of age, as a young fighter pilot becoming a flight instructor at the Air Force Academy. Instructing flying to the cadets – extraordinary young men barely 2 or 3 years junior to me – was an enlightening experience. It made me develop and mature my own skills as a pilot and take my abilities to new heights. Instructing has been an integral part of leading as I advanced through the various leadership and commanding positions. Teaching and Mentoring has been a daily path since.

When I retired into civilian life I established myself as a management consultant – or as I have sometimes referred to – a temporary executive or teacher. It has been a natural and intuitive transition. I focused my work on operations development and business growth. My work with manufacturing organizations quickly made me realize that my knowledge and experience of air-force operations – in highly dynamic conditions, as well as of proven principles of aerodynamics directly apply to the management of any business organization. However, I also found out that most of these concepts were not used in the realm of traditional business management methods. It became clear that the traditional methods were relying on an old notion of “constraints” and heavily influenced by the financial and accounting disciplines that are static and historic in nature. In effect they violate some very simple and basic scientific principles and therefore limiting most companies, even successful ones, from achieving their true potential which remains veiled behind numbers and reports that do not represent the true real-time nature of the operation. These facts as well as personally experiencing the failings and inadequacies of mainstream ERPs have led to the development of Boundary-Based Management theory & practice and its unique InAccord Resource Management software.