A complete & coherent way of managing your entire business
Our consulting services, software & trainings provide clear and intuitive solutions

for growth in complex and dynamic environments.

Our services will help you manage, design and deploy your resources,
capacities and capabilities in order to create a resilient and
growth-oriented operational strategy
Our Methods

InAccord is founded on a theory call “Boundary-Based Management.” We look at your business from its “performance envelop,” a phrase taken from aerodynamics (i.e. jet’s “flight-envelope”), and we provide design & development for all your operations in an unfragmented and holistic way that will enhance your growth and profit opportunities.

Our Software

InAccord is an ERP that resolves the inherent problems of the standard SAP-types models in the market place. InAccord frees your business from highly manual processes and provides the critical missing components that will fundamentally transform and enhance your business operations.

Our Trainings

We provide uniquely tailored trainings for Operations, Management, Leadership and our Boundary Based System theory.

Timing, Agility, Speed.
Our Results

We have been helping businesses that were actually doing well but were either experiencing strong growth or planning on growing aggressively in their market. Their typical growth rate was anywhere from 15-30% annually and in some instances as high as doubling and even tripling their output within 1-2 years!
Transforming their operations management to become based on the principles of Boundary Based Management and the use of Resource Management algorithms and software has helped these companies release unrealized potential and increase their output to meet their growth objectives at a substantially lower Capital expenditure and without hurting their customer service.
Our designed approach to determining needed capacities and capabilities allow for a solid operational foundation to handle such strong growth without stumbling or losing momentum.

We routinely improve output & productivity by 30-50%
Reduce Lead Time and excess means by 70-80%
Consequently, profits increase on an average by 40-50%

Boundary Based Management solutions apply to any industry, technology or environment that resource & process-driven.

Sample of Customers & Industry Experience

Automotive: Jasper Engines & Transmissions (IN) – Automotive engines & transmissions mfg; Goodyear (OH, WI, NE) – General product div.; Masco Corp (MI); Custom Product Corporation (ITT) (MI) Automotive components;   CRS Inc. (NJ) automotive transmissions; HCC Inc (IL): Component for Harvesters & Farming Equip; Caterpillar, (IL);

Aerospace/Defense: Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) Israel – Weapons & Electronic Sys. Div; Composite Materials Div; UAV Program; Aircraft Structural Parts Div: Elta – Radar & Electronic Sys.; TRW (CA, AZ) – Electronic Surveillance sys.; General Dynamics (TX): F-16 Program; Loral Avionic systems (NY);  IAI International (NY): Aircraft Parts Purchasing Group;

Metals & Tools: STTX: Steel Technologies (KY) – Steel Processing; Contacts Metals Welding, Inc (IN): Specialty Metals; Canfield Metal Corporation (OH): Steel Coating; North American Product, (IN): Saw blades & Carbide/PCD Cutters; Star Cutter Ind. (MI): Carbide & PCD Automotive Cutting Tools;

Woodworking & Paper: OFS Brands (IN) – Office & Healthcare furniture; Jasper Desk, Inc (IN) – Office Furniture; InWood Office Environments (IN) – Office furniture; Versteel Inc (IN) – Conference & Training furniture; Kentucky Wood Floors & Mill Works (KY): Wood flooring  House Trims & Windows; Kimberly Clark Corp (MS).: Paper Products; Dubois Wood Products (IN); Hospitality Furniture; The Jasper Group – Office & Hospitality Furniture; Kimball Office Inc –Office Furniture (IN);

Development & Construction: JET (IN) – construction of 2 engine plants (1,100,000 SqFt); JET (IN): Energy-Cogeneration Plant; Seven Stars Resort in Turks & Caicos Islands – managed $200MM Dev & Construction; Fountainhead, TCI: Construction project “The Veranda Resort, TCI” – financing, schedules & turn around.

Other: Geotek Ind., (NJ): Comm. Systems; EP systems,( NY/IL): Electronic Monitoring Equip & Svcs; Reseal Pharmaceutical, NY: Fluid Delivery Systems; Vining Industries, (OH): Cleaning implements; Sodalco Srl., Italy: Consumer Products, Manufacturing & Distribution; Awards.com, (NJ): Customized awards; Styline Transportation, (IN): Trucking/Logistics & Warehousing; Beverage Distributors (OH): Regional Distributor for Miller Corp.; Register.Com (NY): Domains & Website Dev. Sys

Transform your business from historic to Real-Time, constrained to Agile, departmental to Organizational